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for the obama white house. >>> hospitals in our region will be under the watchful eye of lawmakers when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases. >>> and speed cameras. one of the deadliest counties for pedestrians decides to take steps to protect its residents. >>> good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is wednesday, november 4th, 2009. we have breaking news to begin our newscast. metro is currently experiencing a widespread power outage. it is affecting most of the transit system's computer systems. the following systems are affected and will impact your commute. update signs in rail stations have stopped working. the next bus system is down. fare boxes on bus systems are not working which means some riders will ride for free today and the rail line is affecting the debit card system which means unless you have cash on hand you will not be able to ride the metro trains. the website has also been affected. metro tells us they have no idea when the system will be up and running again. the only good news is that service on the buses and rails is not affected. stay tuned
. >>> a final decision. president obama is close to announcing a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. >>> and health care reform. more and more viewers -- more and more of you are expressing dissatisfaction with the health insurance of america. thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, november 24th. it's been a soggy day all day long. kim martucci is here to brighten up the day, though. no matter what our forecast says. >> i will do a little bit with my bright hair. that's the best i can offer, because it is cloudy and gloomy outside but for most of us it is a short holiday week. we want to get you to your travel location safely. in the main weather segment i will have the forecast if you are driving or catching a flight. stay tuned for that. right now 48. winchester 46. 51 fredericksburg. across the bay easton 50 and 52 52 patuxent river. for the rest of us it is cloudy and drizzle. check it out on live doppler nine thousand and focus on the st. mary's and charles county border, which is right here. in hughsville, you have some light rain moving northward and it is raining north of
>>> this is 9 news now. chinese diplomacy. president obama lands in beijing, the last stop in his eight-day tour of asia. federal oversight. metro and every other transit agency which uses light rail and trains will soon be under the watchful eye of the u.s. government. >>> final decision, local leaders come together to try to find a proper response to the proposed fare of the future toll road. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is monday, november 16th. kim martucci is here to get us started with the forecast. >> good morning. yesterday is tough to beat. look at the highs we hit. to the north frederick was 75. 72 reagan national airport. down at quantico, as well. low 70s in winchester and to our east along the bay in beautiful annapolis. can we do it today? not as warm but gorgeous and mild and still going to have a lot of sunshine. if you follow me on twitter, my i.d. is weather kim you already know the weather forecast. a lot of sun. we're 52 right now. the same number in western maryland, cumberland coming in with that. on baltimore street where you
. remembering the victims of fort hood. president obama gets ready to leave washington to honor the fallen in texas. >>> and tropical storm ida comes ashore in alabama. we will see if the remnantses will affect our region. good morning. i am andrea roane. it is tuesday november 10. tropical storm ida on the gulf coast. will we feel any of its effects? howard bernstein has our forecast. >> a little bit andrea. >>> south and east especially to the norfolk region will see more of that more moderate rain from ida. not too many clouds. a few breaks with peeks of sunshine here and there at this hour as temperatures warming into the 50s in most areas. although manassas and martinburg at 48 degrees. lots of 55 from national, annapolis, eastton. cambridge. the river keeping quantico cooler. they are at 50. temperatures climbing into the low, even middle 60s for highs. average high 59. lots of clouds but mainly dry, i think there is a slim chance of a sprinkle -- better chance tonight. 9:01. time for a traffic update. hello angie. >> hello everybody. welcome to the 9:00 hour. let's take a look at th
at a memorial service at ft. hood. president obama and first lady michelle obama joined hundreds of military families to mourn their loss. >>> the montgomery county council has okayed a plan that could could make car free areas. the developers would build dense developments near transit stops. >>> the montgomery county council is planning to widen 270 and add reversible hot lanes. no word where the money will come from. the council supposedly backed a plan to build a light rail from shady grove to clarksburg. >>> the eastern avenue bridge is getting an upgrade. dc mayor fenty says the span is too low and gets hit by taller trucks. it will be funded by $10.4 million in federal stimulus money. the work is scheduled to begin this month. >>> the district's same-sex marriage bill has moved through another council committee paving a way by the full council. this after a committee held two public hearings and heard from 2 a 0 people who supported and opposed the bill. the full council is scheduled to vote on the bill in december. >>> metro transit now says it will allow independent safety inspector
after the gibe races. >> and i want to know where's the obama movement. obama didn't get in the white house as a one man show. there are no one man shows in the white house or the congress and if they want to keep progress and change they want to see happen it has to be more than two years to make it happen and we need that movement to come alive again. >> thanks for joining us. >>> still to come, a way you can help children in need just by taking a walk this weekend. >>> not a good day for a walk in our area, the nor'easter is pounding the virginia coast. find out how long it will last when we come back. >>> president obama doesn't like his options when it comes to afghanistan. the white house official tells the associated press the president did not accept any of the four options given to him yesterday. the president wants more information from his national security team. >>> the national transportation safety board is calling for a public hearing in to the deadly metro crash. nine people died when the trains collided. it will be held in february. >>> a mom and dad involved in the b
. an inquiry is underway in to she safety of the vaccine. >>> lifting a ban. president obama is planning to lift a two decade ban on allowing hiv positive people to enter the country. good morning. i'm angie goff in for andrea. thanks for joining us. today is monday, november 2nd. patranya bhoolsuwan has the traffic but first we kick things off with kim martucci who has a look at the day's forecast. hey, kim. >> good morning, angie. it is a dreary monday. we will get that out in the open them workweek should be uneventful for you which is good news with respect to the traffic when we can keep the weather at bay. 51 degrees right now at andrews air force base. 48 in gaithersburg. 48 is the number in winchester. and a handful of middle 50s to southern maryland and the bay. as for those winds they are northernly. that's the direction of choice today and they will be pushing you along. we just picked up to 52. the latest observations from reagan national airport. this cloud deck has been persistent in hugging dc, points east and south. we have even had pockets of drizzle toward the delmarva.
. >>> and health care reform. president obama heads to captiol hill to make one final push for health care reform with democrats. it is thursday, november 5th. we like to call it friday eve. gets us going to the weekend even sooner. howard is here with the forecast. your computers are all working. >> so far so good. don't jinx me. there are some showers out here in the mountains. some of that is getting toward the shenandoah. across the metro a beautifully sunny morning. it is quiet with clear skies. it was in the 30s, low to mid- 30s to the west. we dropped in the low 40s. -- 46. fredericksburg is also 46. culpeper, hagerstown out to manassas, shenandoah valley, western maryland and up to frederick in the 30s at this hour. clouds will increase as the day goes on. this afternoon under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with highs in the 50s i can't rule out that we will see a passing sprinkle or two. in the mountains we may see a few sweat snowflakes above 2,000 feet. we will come back and give you the seven-day forecast. right now angie has a traffic update. >> we are ready to kick off the 9:0
obama is due in washington again later tonight. he left south korea this morning after declaring new steps to get neighboring north korea to give up its nuclear program. president obama spent time with u.s. troops stationed at the osan air base. >>> afghanistan's president happened karzai is promising to deal with corruption in his government. karzai was sworn in to his second five-year term in office earlier this morning. after widespread fraud in the august election, karzai had been bracing for a runoff when his opponent dropped out. president karzai unveiled a major crimes unit and anticorruption policy. afghanistan has been named the second most corrupt country. >>> 16 people have been killed in an explosion outside of pashawar. dozens more are wounded. the suicide bombing is the latest in a wave of violence in that city in retaliation for an army offensive against the taliban in the nearby afghan border region. >>> secretary of defense robert gates is expected to announce plans for a review of the ft. hood, texas shootings which left 13 people dead. it will look to see if any wa
>>> health care reform. president obama prepare for a dog fight in the senate. >>> metro track safety. new allegations are thrown at metro transit raising questions about your rover overall safety while riding the trail -- rails. >>> and a new bus service. an alternative to driving around construction zones. thanks for joining us. today is november 9th. buddy check nine day. call your buddy and remind them about early detection and what they can do that may help to save their life. right now we turn to howard on the latest on the forecast. >> another good looking day around here. 70s yesterday and a lot of clouds heading our way. it will give us some hazy sunshine and perhaps a pretty sunset as they filter the light nicely. the thicker clouds tonight and tomorrow. right mao 41 manassas. 54 in winchester. that's one of our warmest spots but cambridge has 55 and we have annapolis at 52. had a touch of fog earlier. that pretty much bumped off. temperatures today well above the average. and we are looking at highs of 70. and by 5:00, 72 with a high somewhere 74, 75. really nice. ch
is remembered for his love 60 dc and his charitable heart. >>> a finalized strategy. president obama plans to wait until half thanksgiving to unveil his plan for the afghan war. good morning. i'm andrea roane. today is thanksgiving eve. wednesday, november 25th. howard bernstein is here with the forecast. >> people are getting angry, andrea. they are holding me accountable for the muck out there. the days of cloudiness, mist and rain. we are picking up more stuff on doppler hd. normally drizzle is so light that we don't pick it up. it is heavy enough that it is showing up as light rain showers. howard, montgomery county, the district. fairfax, out of charles county we are seeing some heavy areas of mist or drizzle. especially in southern montgomery county across 270 there where it comes in the beltway across the american legion bridge. we have the heavier mist moving north and vicinities have been down all morning. in some cases a half mile. as we look at the current visibilities we will see on the weather computer we have a half mile at dulles. that's the thickest visible and that may int
in to law. >>> the obama administration is expected to announce plans to offer help to homeowners in need of relief. the government wants to step up pressure on mortgage companies to convert troubled mortgages in to loans with lower monthly payments. the new effort would also call out mortgage companies that have lagged others in loan modifications. >>> fairfax and loudoun county leaders are considering whether to add a tax on restaurant meals. supporters say it would help to avoid further cuts to schools, libraries and parks. arlington county, alexandria and falls church already have a meals tax in place. >>> beginning tomorrow, virginia joins a host of states banning smoking in bars and restaurants. smokers will be allowed to light up in private clubs on some outdoor patios and in separate rooms which are ventilated. >>> potential cuts for the arlington public school system's 2011 school budget will be the subject 0 a public forum tonight. everyone concerned is invited to attend. it is scheduled to begin at 7:30 tonight at the arlington education center. it is located at 1426 north quin
>>> easing tensions. president obama and chinese president discuss oved relationships between their country. >>> transportation meeting. the future of several key is up for debate today. and taxi strikes. cab drivers walk off the b citing unfair practices by their employer and one local county. >>> good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joing us. today is tuesday, november 17th. we begin with breang news in the murderof 9-year-old oscar tune tess. just before 6:00 this morning, police made an arrest in the shooting death of the 9-year old. yowill recall oscar was shot and ki saturday evening while standing in s family's apartment in columbia heights. according to the "washington st" the suspect is 26-year- old jose pena. he was taken in to custody in attsville, marand. fouptes onthis developing news. >>> are also following breakingnews out of laurel, maryland. police there are investigating the discovery of a body at a recycling plant. the body was found around 6:15 in a trash compacter at the encore recycling plant in the 13000 block ofvirginia manor road. agai
now. g president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia! >>> here's a look at the things in the news now. attorneys for dc sniper john allen muhammad plan to file an appeal with the supreme court to stop his execution. they are expected to file the appeal sometime today. mohammad is scheduled to die by lethal injection on november 10th for the murders of dean meyers one of three people killed during the three-week sniper killing. >>> berkshire hathaway is going to buy santa fe. it already owns a 82% stake in the railroad company. >>> millions of unemployed americans could see their jobless benefits extended in to next year. the senate is expected to vote on a bill to extent the benefits up to 14 more weeks and in states
it is not a referendum on president obama or the ajen d.a. but if you want a referendum, the winning democrat in new york's 23rd which has not elected a democrat since 1852 ran on voting for the health care reform bill which did and he got elected. >> you have two meetings one in november and one in december. tell us about that. >> you mean the telephone town meetings. >> yeah. >> we had 15,000 people on the telephone meeting. we got calls pro and con and it has been helpful in informing me of issues of response to constituents and trying to change the bill to influence the process. we will have another one in december. and we will have another one to focus on seniors to make sure we have addressing any concerns they may have about the impact on medicare which i believe will be a positive impact. >> at the end of the month you are talking with federal workers and retirees about open season. >> on november 30th we are having a meeting on the open season, open enrollment in fairfax county. >> just your thoughts should tim kaine have come back to the commonwealth before last night because of the storm? >> i
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